How can I make a reservation?
On the website www.brunchweekend.cn select the preferred day, number of persons and the option ‘lunch/dinner’. After clicking ‘search’, a list of AVAILABLE restaurants will pop up. By clicking the ‘reservation’ link of the preferred restaurants, the reservation is made directly in our booking system and at the restaurant. You will receive a confirmation of the reservation on your screen as well as in your e-mail box. 

Do I need an account to make a reservation
Yes, before you make a reservation, you will be automatically redirected to www.diningcity.cn and required to sign up, please sign up as the website instructs. DiningCity.cn is the organizer of Brunch Weekend, after you sign up, you will not only be able to log-in www.brunchweekend.cn to view, change and cancel your Brunch Weekend reservations, you will also become a member of DiningCity, and enjoy VIP treatments at the best restaurants in town.

Can I only order the menu with my reservation? Can I order ala carte also?
Brunch Weekend is a dining event for you to try out great restaurants in town. If the restaurant offers an ala carte menu besides the brunch menu, of course you are welcomed to order ala carte as well. But please note that since the reservation you made is a Brunch Weekend reservation, spending per person has to be equivalent to or greater value than the RW set menu price per person.

The number of reserved people & The lowest average spending per person
The number of reserved people should be the number of the Brunch Weekend set. If some of you do not want to reserve the Brunch Weekend set menu, please comfirm the cost per person must be more expensive than the price of the set menu [Some are not including the service charge]. This is the lowest per capita consumption, please follow the rules. If you will go to the restaurant with the children under 12 and share the food with adults, the number of reserved people should include it. And choose "including children" to enter the child number. It is possible that you will be mark as no-show if you do not fill the information accurately.

How can I cancel my reservation?
You may cancel your reservation through the website www.brunchweekend.cn.  Please note that reservations can only be cancelled online, not by phone, e-mail or by contacting the restaurant.
Reservations can be cancelled before 1 hour of reservation day.
Click the link ‘cancel reservation’ on the top of the homepage, or in your profile page after you sign in your account. Find the reservation and click the cancel icon. The cancellation will be processed directly. Please note that after clicking on ‘cancel reservation’ the cancellation of your reservation is irrevocable.

How can I change my reservation?
You can change your reservation by cancelling your current reservation and make a new one. You can also change your reservation by clicking the link "change reservation" on the top of the homepage, or in your profile page after you sign in your account. Find the reservation and click the change icon.

Can I make a reservation or cancel the reservation by phone?
It is not possible to call or contact the restaurant of your choice to make a reservation or to cancel a reservation. For further information, see also ‘How can I make a reservation’ or ‘How can I cancel my reservation’.

If I click the 'search' button nothing happens / I get an error. How do I solve this?
It is possible that the problem results from the use of the Internet Explorer browser 7 or lower version. We can unfortunately no longer support this version, due to our desired level of security. We recommend that you upgrade your browser to version 8 or above.
Alternatively, you can choose a different "brand" of browser, we support:
- Internet Explorer 8 or above
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari (PC version)
If you have one of these above browsers, and still have problems, please update your browser to the latest version possible, and verify that your security settings: - java (script) and cookies are correct.
For all other error / error / bug reports or improvements, we are very grateful if you send it to us info@diningcity.asia. We are continually updating our systems.

What is a Brunch Weekend menu’?
The ‘Brunch Weekend menu’ is brunch menu with special experience!

Are drinks included in the menu price?
Drinks are not included in the Brunch Weekend menu price. However, there might be restaurants that serve an aperitif on the house or a special wine menu for a reduced price.

Do restaurants charge any extra costs over the fixed prices?
Restaurants offer buy one get one with 50% off on food for brunch menu. Some Restaurants can charge a small service fee over the fixed price.

I have a special diet. Can the restaurant take this into account?
If you are a vegetarian or not allowed to eat specific ingredients, please write a comment in the box ‘comments’ on the reservation page. The restaurant will try to prepare its dishes accordingly. It is advised to notify the restaurant of your special diet once again when arriving.

Why is a participating restaurant not mentioned in the list?
Unfortunately this restaurant doesn’t have any Brunch Weekend Menu couverts available anymore for your preferred date and/or number of persons. We advise you to check another date, or restaurant.

Why are restaurant fully booked so quickly?
Sometimes restaurant are fully booked within minutes. Unfortunately that can happen because those restaurants are extremely popular.
Most of the time those restaurant will have last-minute cancellations so there will be a good change that you still will be able to snatch a table.

Why has my reservation been marked as partial no-show?
The reservation person number is the people who will order the Brunch Weekend menu in the restaurant. So if the adult share the menu with the kid, then the kid will be marked as a no-show person. For further information, see also ‘How can I book if I have kid’.  And if you share the menu with your friend, then one person will be mark as no-show person.

For the error report, please tell us info@diningcity.asia. We are very grateful to revert your all show record.

What is DiningCity?
DiningCity.cn is an online restaurant guide, started in 1998 and at the moment operating in more than 30 cities around the world like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva, Rome, Vienna, New York, Singapore, Shanghai and in Hong Kong.