About Brunch Weekend

DiningCity present a two-week Brunch Weekend from June 30 to July 8. This event will feature around 100 upscale restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing, offering the full experience of Brunch Weekend,filled with free flow Champagne, swimming pool, yoga, bowling and more!.

About DiningCity.cn

DiningCity.cn is an online bilingual guide for premium restaurants. DiningCity Asia was launched in 2009, and currently operates in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. On the official website, users can discover restaurants by selecting price, cuisine, location, review scores and much more. DiningCity also offers instant online booking. Each independent page bilingually presents, menus, and even offers discounts on selected timeslots through its Off-Peak booking system. Users could conveniently select the proper restaurants at any time according to their moods and personal tastes without the needs of going out. Now, DiningCity has established more than 58,000 well-selected member restaurants while more than 875 member restaurants in Greater China.


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To enjoy the specially designed menu of Brunch Weekend, you will need to make a reservation online at our event website. The booking website will be opened to public from 27th June. 2017 10am onwards.

IMPORTANT: you unfortunately cannot book by calling the restaurant directly – only bookings made through our booking system are valid. You will receive a confirmation of your booking on the email address and mobile number provided, and all you need to do is telling the name to restaurant when you go, then they can find out all the information in the system easily.

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Pick your favorite Brunch Weekend menu , book now and enjoy!

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